Where Do You Live?


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Cape Town in South Africa, not a place you want to be if your skin is white. no im not a racist, but reverse apartheid is a real bitch, especialy since i was like 5 when apartheid ended. but im planing on oneday moveing to holland, amsterdam sounds like my kind of place... but my girlfriend just wants to go to everwood... cause its pretty... obviosly she hasnt seen the red light district.


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I live in Redding,California U.S.
This is the sundial bridge. Its pretty lame. People think its cool cause the floor is glass.

This is Mt. Lassen the ''Inactive" volcano thats about 50 miles from where i live
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I live in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada,...Earth lol

but plz don't put any comments cuz I live in Canada-.-
And even wors cuz I live in the Frensh part of Canada-.-

...and yes my first languang was frensh...

...I hate my self lol

I think he is a Newfy


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Greenville, SC

It's not bad enough to call a shithole, it's more of a turd dump.

Saying Greenville isn't as bad as other places in the south is like saying syphilis isn't as bad as Aids,


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Well I live in Toronto, at the moments. Its been a year now, but I havent been around in a while to post about it :). Pretty good place, always got something going on.


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I live in Ohio.

The "Village of Delta" to be exact.

We only have three stoplights. Total. All within three blocks.

We don't even have a drug store.