Where Do You Live?


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I used to live in Venezuela until 2017. Now that I'm back I gotta update my profile. Now living in Santiago, Chile.


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I live in the northeast part of Argentina and am looking for friends to play online via parsec, netplay or kaillera too. So if you are interested pm me. The closer the better, because of lag issues :p


Re: Where Do You Live

Hello All,
RJ here and new to the forums... Live in Southern California, Riverside/Coachella...
Gay 45 yrs, Male, Into lots of things. Not shy so ask anything and will see what pops up!



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Re: Where Do You Live

Hey everyone, I'm living in Canada, in the province of Québec. Currently the most cases of Coronavirus are in my province =(


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At the moment it is Alicante, Spain. Awesome place! :) btw Alicante is one of the most popular places among European tourists both for vacation and for emigrating. Alicante is located among the Costa Blanca which is famous for its warm climate and reasonable property prices. Much lower than, say, in Rome or Nice.So as not to make the post endless I will live the link with much more info about the place I live in https://virtoproperty.com/info/alicante-city-guide
looks like a great place ;)


2003? know her?
canada, its stupidly cold sometimes or stupidly hot. i hate it.


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Victoria, BC Canada is where I live. Its beautiful by the ocean and we are only a ferry ride away from the mountains. To go snowboarding and skiing! Beyond amazing to take the sea to sky highway. The sightseeing is absolutely brilliant!


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Re: Where Do You Live

Australia, Sydney. The best place in the universe. Well, it is time to emulate favorite game....


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I live in New York, but sometimes go out of town to relax. I like the city in which live. I don't want to move.
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