Where Do You Live?


north west south west
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Really nice.
@Genome: What's the matter then? :unsure:

nothing seemed random to me this thread was bumped.guess not though. seemed odd at the time:laugh:


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Western Canada, specifically, somewhere in Alberta.

Yes, I am fond of cowboys.


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I live in boring Fort Worth, Tx U.S.A.


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We have soo many freeways and hiways its not even funny...


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i live in the hood im jking ok:D
no i live in in the:usa: city:macomb township:
a map of macomb here it will take almost a min to load

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Pittsburg, California, USA, Earth, Sol System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Cluster, Universe.

I couldn't find any online photos, but there isn't much to look at in Pittsburg. It's an old town with lots of quaint shops and some tore up looking ghetto areas. There is a marina and a few statues interspersed here and there among several well manicured parks.


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I live in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada,...Earth lol

but plz don't put any comments cuz I live in Canada-.-
And even wors cuz I live in the Frensh part of Canada-.-

...and yes my first languang was frensh...

...I hate my self lol


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I live in a village about 15 miles outside the City of London, right next to the River Thames.

The UK is a nihilistic sh*thole nowadays thanks to a succession of incompetent liberal governments, and I am thinking seriously about jumping to Canada or Oz.
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I live in Sweden. In the city Halmstad. It's a pretty boring city.

Some pics:

Here's the train station. A pretty old pic. we don't have trains like that anymore

I live 300 M from the city. In a place called Fyllinge. Here's my school in Fyllinge. It's bigger now this is also a pretty old pic


Halmstads higest building

(It doesn't look very high because of the car.)

Here's Halmstads biograph/cinema building.

a pic of the city

And here's Halmstads biggest library

Well that's everything about my city:p


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I live on the North Island of New Zealand.
I think a few hundred New Zealands fit into America.

Well heres a pic of a bit of Auckland (my city) I got it off Google.. looks pretty old.