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<====my avatar, pikachu from ssbm, i stole it from another forum and edited it( with the gimp) to zoom in/out.

Lefteris_D and MONKEY_NUTS, good avatars.


my avatar is my player on an online multiplayer rpg called "Maplestory".


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Terry Bogard is my favorite SNK character. The KOF series were the first games I was really interested in emulating... It seemed appropriate for an emulation forum.


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Howard the duck???
I know of Daffy Duck and Donald Duck

Howard the Duck is a Comic book character. He's in the Marvel Universe. Though he doesn't really play into the Marvel Continuity, he's still kinda there. He's kind of a cartoonish character if you can't tell. They made a movie with him once that was a commercial flop.

Anyways, my avatar is Samus Aran. More specifically, Samus Aran from Super Smash Bros Melee. This is a pick of her powerful aerial kick (Which is my trademark move)


Such Coin. Many Doge.
OFF TOPIC, But I cant wait for SMB:Brawl.


Such Coin. Many Doge.
Mine is a picture Jesus


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Mines a picture of an awesome Pumpkin man! My friend was looking for a picture from the movie Pumpkin Head, and this came up and I was like, "That looks pretty sweet!"

Done. :D


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My avatar is Huey Freeman from one of my favorite tv shows, The Boondocks.



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my avatar is, as you may have guessed, Murdoc from the Gorillaz, so, yeah.

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My Avatar is the Mupen64 Logo, and it shall be that way for as long as im on the forum, maybe, hehe, i might change my mind,


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<-- That's me, making a fool of myself again. Or it could just be one of the funniest easter eggs in a game ever. Either way it's from a very cool game! :happy: