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Touko White

I'm cute, aren't I?
Cammy of course!
She's depicted as 16 years old when she was brainwashed and taken into Shadaloo, in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

If I'd not been playing it on the ZSNES a few days or so ago I wouldn't have gone this extreme...


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because im always thinking about something

Touko White

I'm cute, aren't I?
Oh, that was my old account. Dunno whether to log back into it, or whether to keep using this one, but at least I know what it was, now.

Anyway, my avatar's of Touko from Pokemon Black/White. I use it on other forums where I'm active if I can, not surprisingly. It's cute, right?


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My favorite character from Chrono Trigger. Beat that game back in 2000. Best game I've played so far.