Tell us about your avatar...

The 'Triforce'

If you have played 'Zelda' you should know what this symbolises.

white sith

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He is Solid Snake. From one of the PS2s best games metal gear 2 Also in psx metal gear and gamecubes metal gear twin snakes. He was not in metal gear 3 that was his father Big Boss.


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Alas I don't have an avatar, I'm busy looking for a universal one I can use in all the forums I frequent.

There we go it's the Sega logo with Super Sonic running through. Made this because I love the Sega Mega Drive and think Super Sonic is one of the coolest looking characters ever made.
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Twinklestar and Monica have the same links in there posts...coincidence??


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My Avatar is the opening of <In my opinion> the best game ever.I made it by taking screenshots on my PSP.

:DZombies Ate My Neighbors:D


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hmmm. how can i say this... well my avatar is taken from someother person. just like alot of peoples avatars. i think alot of people know what my avatr ses.