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Heres a random question. I got pokemon diamond running on no$gba and it was running ok untill the 1st battle. It just froze when the first wild pokemon was about to faint. Any ideas how to fix it?

Make sure your no$gba's sound is on.


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ei guys! someone help me pls:D

i have a problem..

im playing Pokemon Sapphire in VBA..

and then i like to play with my friends in coloseum, so i DL VBAlink

then a open the game.. load the save game..

the problem is the Save game Hangs and i got a screenshot

here it is

its became violet in screen :D

I'm having this same problem I have been using VBA ver. 1.8 and I want to trade (pokemon) I have VBA link 1.8 but when i try to load my old save I get a pink screen and it locks up... has anyone come up with a fix or any suggestions on how to get it to work thx :confused:


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i have downloaded no$gba and tried to play pokemon emerald with my bro but it wont save in game so i realized it wont work. i then downloaded the newest version of vba link and the second we go into the room to battle it says:

Communication Error...
Please check all connections,
then turn the power OFF and ON.

Ive tried changing my link timeout and it still wont work, plz reply.


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VBA Link sucks balls.... I have spent endless hours trying to trade Pokemon and you know what... Its a waste of effort and time... When a reliable and effective way to link GBA to GBA Emu comes out ill play again but until then SCREW VBA.... Not the Actual VBA it rocks... But SCREW THE UN-OFFICIAL VBA LINK!!!!!!

werd. It doesn't work, I have also spent hrs and hrs with many, many diff emus, and yeah I seen it working in youtube and some ppl swear by it, but, no matter what it never works for me.

Oh, well, maybe its just life's little way of saying, too bad you don't have the real thing so oh well... :(


u will subvert authority! ok, so after reading everything in this thread, I did actually get Rascalboy to work muiti-player on a single pc. None of the others work though, and there is no netplay either. Oh, well, on to trying something else, I guess..


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I'm suprised you dont just download the older version of Visual Boy Advance O.O


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hmm this doesnt seem too too old

ive got an issue with vbalink
as note : pause when inactive is off on both emulators
timeout is at 10k
and this is for single computer

at any rate
the one that seems to act as a host timeouts instantly when the emulators begin to interact with eachother(in the case of one of the games tried, in pokemon ruby when they enter the trade room) the host one reads connection error immediately and the other one timeouts after 10 seconds. turbo function was never used, both emulators ran at 100%/0 skip

im wondering if there was something wrong with what i did, or if there is something else worth trying to get this working


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Okay, I've read a few pages of this thread and I couldn't determine the definite answer. Can VBALink do multiplayer over two computers? As in, I can play a game from my laptop in a vs. match against a friend who lives in some other part of the world? Or only over LAN/on one computer?

I've also looked over the VBA Link site and I couldn't tell if the LAN instructions would also work over the internet...I'm really not too experienced with this sort of thing. Though I am good at following directions.


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mm 9/10 anything that works over lan can be done over internet (with proper forwarding)

but yes you can use this to play with your friends over the internet, once you get it working anyways

speaking of which my issue lies unsolved, but i was able to get it working on a diff system so im usure what else could be hurting it on this computer....


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Hello Everyone..
I have tried to play Soma Bringer NDS game. When I am trying to play on multiplayer,
Connection Lost message appears,using only option -Use Wireless connection.
Have any sloution for that.


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Hey you the space is big, big text to fill it out, okay so sorry (closest thing your going to get for an apology)

Though the only thing you need the bios for is so when you start up a gba game it looks realistic. I it without the bios and I still can connect...only if nocash gba upgraded its gba graphics then I would have a reason for using vba
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I just downloaded loaded zelda the four swords with the multiplayer and it says reset once all gbas are put together but then I do that and Im in the same place does anybody know how to play zelda the four swords The two emulators will be connected once you have the roms loaded in both emulators and select the multiplayer option from within the game..