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You know posting roms sites is illegall you will be banned.


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Why online throughout internet is so impossible by GBA emulation? What's so hard about this that nearly all other console emulators can?


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Yes its possible its based on emulator properties.
I found something.


No wonder you can Dafont Showbox Adam4adamt connect two Crystals - VBALink doesn't emulate the old Gameboy cable yet; just get TGB or something for Crystal

I'm at the Trading Center, and I have both VBA's on the Unpause feature, and when I try to link up, it keeps telling me, "You're friend isn't ready." What else do I have to do in order to make this work?
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Sorry for the late reply, I believe that is a debugger tool. Unless you plan to use that emulator to do some software development for the GBA hardware then you can safely ignore that.


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Just copy the file rbamulti.dll in the emulator directory, then from the emulator choose : Options->Communication Port->RBA Multi Plugin.

All you have to do now is start the emulator one more time and do the same thing. The two emulators will be connected once you have the roms loaded in both emulators and select the multiplayer option from within the game.. amor en línea

Please note that this will work only at the same pc. No network support yet.
I just downloaded Zelda the four swords stacked with multiplayer and it says to reboot once all gas are assembled but at this point, I do and am in a similar place, does anyone know how to play Zelda the four swords from when I downloaded this emulator? I saw a picture of someone playing so I realize it works a bit, how could someone kindly help? all the remaining games turn out to be excellent.


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@Neckless I see that feature has vba-m.

Im giving screenshot.

And how compile vba-m on debian or debian based distro:

cd ~ && mkdir src && cd src
git clone
cd visualboyadvance-m

# ./installdeps will give you build instructions, which will be similar to:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. -G Ninja
Then you can use sudo ninja make install or something like that.

If you use windows or mac os you can download latest version:


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works online but you can only join multiplayer with players in "Waiting" Status or you actually need to know the Players Username or IP address (Hint, if IP address doesn't work add :20 to the end of it)
Dont post strange files i never heard of Gameboy XL.

i allso removed your link from your post
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This file you keep sharing seems to be suspicious.. if you think this is an emulator, link to a write up, not a random file.


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Nothing like that not exists i checked in web there are no gameboy xl.