Where Do You Live?


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I think most people would rather see pictures of the area, not maps with writing we can't even read.


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Yeah lefteris you dont need to be so secretive, I mean your information is going to all the honest members of the EZ forum, I wouldn't worry...


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Yup that's Possible, I live in Wah Cantt Pakistan.

Taking Photos in that area is restricted neither can you find any on the net. Even the official website doesn't have one.


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That's not funny... I take it that you found the site because I had a link in my signature at db.gr?
If that's the case that must have been ages ago because their forum died several times since then and I'm no longer a member there
In fact I ended here about 2 years ago while searching for emulators.
I didn't know for DB.GR.
You gave me the link and I have even become moderator there.
belmont used to be a member here a long time ago.
Yes,thats true.
I first used pavlou as username.Pavlou ... is my real name...
In fact I prefer Belmont all the way!


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So in a way I am to blame for you becoming a mod there(I didn't know you were the same user as there) :p


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The proposal is tempting... I'll have to think it after tomorrow since it's the big day and all.


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So you two live in Athens .I lived in athens as well but this year I moved to Thessaloniki to go to the university.
No camera = no pictures ,sorry.


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I was supposed to post pictures days ago, but I'm a lazy fuck, so here is a picture of some buildings from one of my windows on the second floor



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I live in Australia, Victoria, Melbourne Suburbs


Heres a picture of Melbourne City, couldn't find a picture of my suburb though

Breaky Turkfast

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Roslin Ontario in Canada