What are you playing right now?


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Currently playing Hitman Absolution, and will following up with The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 (No turning back) by Telltale Games. Also Metal Slug Anthology on PCSX2 v1.2.1 r5875, and it runs flawlessly.


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Right Now I'm Playing..
PSX : Kagero Deception 2
PSP : Avatar The Last Airbender
GBA : Yu Gi Oh Ultimate Masters


hitokiri battousai
I'm playing Kings Field on my PS emulator because I wanted to play Dark Souls 2 on my PS3 (my PS3 broke playing DS2...)

I'm also playing Jade Cocoon 2 on my PS2 when I get frustrated with Kings Field too much....

A little minecraft on my private, modded server in between helps alleviate some stress as well

And I'm playing Pokemon X when I'm out and about (and in the little room too...)
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This counts for more like "what you will be playing soon" I guess. Last night night I caved in and preordered Smash Brothers for WiiU, it will be delivered along with a Link Amiibo because why not!


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I've almost reinstalled League of Legends (I had some kind of addiction to that game for a while) but I've successfully postponed this inevitable moment. For now I've got access to two crowdfunded MMORPGs, one in Alpha and the other in Pre-Alpha, but not playing much to those ones yet.