What are you playing right now?


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Toilet Paper racing - very exciting game , it develops your agility, speed , makes your fingers more firm)
Blobby volleyball- good old game, now you can play in it via Bluetooth with someone


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Starting a new game on suikoden so i can get all the characters for suikoden 2,then getting to the end and relizeing that you forgot one character and have to start all over.PS:you get the main character from suikoden 1 and play with him on suikoden 2


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Sega Genesis
Bare Knuckle
Bare Knuckle II
Bare Knuckle III


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Currently Playing:
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
Borderlands 2
Call Of Duty 8 MW3
Battlefield 3
World Of Tanks
Cod 5 World At war (Zombie Co-Op)
Fallout:New Vegas


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I am currently playing older games like The Elder Scrolls:Morrowind,DeusEx,Counter Strike 1.6,Resident Evil 3 (Pc version),Silent Hill 2 (PC) and A Bard's Tale.


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World of Warcraft
Warcraft 3
Enemy Territory
Age of Empires online

PS2: Dragon ball budokai(all of them)

Xbox: Call of duty black ops 2
Halo 4

Pokemon yellow
Pokemon crystal

Super mario
super smash bros.
Zelda ocarina of time
Zelda majora's mask


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Finally dabbled in emulation and am now working my way through Super Metroid! I tried to beat it as a little kid at a friends house but I never could get very far.

I'm also running through Shadow of the Colossus on Hard mode in the HD Collection. I'm going for a Platinum as well.
Liberty city stories and Vice city Stories for PSP with PPSSPP emulator, Mupen sf3 BEST GAME OF SATURN HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT CUZ I FINISHED THEM ;)


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I am currently revisiting my old PS1 game collection worth over 60 gb of HDD space. But I'm playing Metal Gear Solid now. Good game...