What are you playing right now?


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Still Playing Hearthstone but just installed Hero's of the Storm. I figured I give that a try sense I got some free stuff for that game.


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ah, OK... I am just trying to figure out how to play multiplayer mode. Also, I am not sure is it worth time spending or not?


hitokiri battousai
Wasteland 2: Directors Cut.Been playing Wasteland 2 the past few days, not realising I had the "upgraded" version all along, so time to restart! Didn't get that far yet anyway...


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I was taking some break from playing games for working reasons but now I'm a little bit freer and I download Black Ops and starting to shooting to unleashed my frustration from work. I download the game from here if someone wants to try it: <link removed>
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PS1: Dividing my time between FFVIII and FFIX. Never actually beat 9, so I'm excited for that. 8, I never got Shockwave Pulsar for Quistis, and I want to get LionHeart on disc 1 c:


well i am playing runescape on my pc most of the time its preety addicting and when you become real strong and have your hand in the politics then things really start to get interseting currently i am on the #1 lest on most ppls to kill list :p auto clicker word unscrambler i am so proud of myself for that :D

Unreal 2's graphics were really beautiful. I loved it. It was a little corny though. I still think the first Unreal game is the best.

You know what really blows? Soul Reever 2 for the PC. That game has some really frustrating controls/movement. [sigh] SR1 was good though. 8]
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