Major Rom Distrutor that has linked EZ


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I was checking out one of the major rom distributor (I'm bouncing around the name due to the terms of agreement), and I noticed they had a link to emulator-zone on the page. I know emulator-zone has a zero-tolerance policy on links to rom distribution sites being posted on the forum, but I didn't know if the same applied vis-versa.

I was just wondering if you guys knew this or if it even mattered if you didn't know. If it does matter and any mods/admin want to know what site I'm talking about, I'll let you know via pm if you wish.


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I don't think it really matters to be honest. We can't control who links to us, and there is nothing illegal on EZ, so it's just extra hits for us.

If Lefty or GHD have a problem with it though, they will likely contact you to get the name of the site, so they can bring the matter up with them.


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All the sites we linked to have approached us or we have approached them with with a deal to link eachother.

If a major rom distributor wishes to link to us without letting us know it's fine by me but we will not do the same.


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of course its not illigal, if the owner of the site reccomends this forum to people who want to learn more about emulation, he might post a link to ez without asking or having a legal site from our policies.... doesn't matter what job/hobby he/she has and if it is against the rules of this site.... however it could be seen as illigal if we post links to his site... so it is actually a good thing for growth of this site:happy:


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Okay, I was just checking to make sure. I kinda figured that it wouldn't matter one way or another, but I thought it might be good to bring up, just in case.