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    Long time no post!

    Hello everyone, I am back! What is new and how is everyone doing?
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    Breath of the Wild!

    Hello there fellas, I know I haven't been very active lately, my work has been eating me up, but playing Breath of the Wild has really improved my mood and my will to participate in forums. Now, Im no where near beating the game, more like just started (22.5 hours according to my wii u) and I am...
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    Moving into my own place!

    Got my first apartment for next week! Can't wait to have my own internet, area to live, without any hassles or conflicts with other human beings! Is this how everyone feels when they first move into their own place?
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    New SSF version came out

    I was wanting an emulator other than Yabause to run Shining Force III, and found out that SSF has an update as of 6/08/2013 The homepage is in Japanese, but it seems that the GUI isn't. Its version is 0.12 beta R4, right now on the main page we have R3. Website Home if you guys wanna download...
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    Digital Graphics Showcase Thread

    Hello, I just wanted to make a thread where any photo manipulators and/or graphics artist, or just artists in general can share their work, and possibly get a critique from users. In an attempt to kick start this thread, I have made a Majora's Mask sig/gif: Don't be shy to share your works. :)
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    We are finally 1337!

    It has always been uncertain whether we were or not, but now I have screen captured undeniable proof.
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    Setting up Yabause 0.9.12 for Windows

    Okay, in this guide will demonstrate how to set up and use the emulator Yabause to play Sega Saturn games. 1. First, you will need to download the latest Yabause, I will provide the link right here: When you finish downloading, make sure to install it do your...
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    Have we stopped announcing emulator updates?

    Just wondering, because that seems pretty Iconic for the site, I recently saw that Yabause updated, and thought that emulator zone didn't update, so I was about to post about it, but then checked, and it was updated! So, we aren't notifying people that stuff gets updated? XD
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    Its my Birthday, yay!

    So whatcha gonna get me??? :my_withst Yeah, im 20 already, I can feel my back flaring up, getting old! XD
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    New Years Resolutions 2013

    Hey there, I was thinking about New Years resolutions today, and I was wondering what you guys were thinking about doing. Myself, Its been hard to think of one, since I don't really do too much that I think isn't positive, but I resolved to add an additional 30 push-ups to my regiment each day...
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    Could we add "Todays Top Posters" and "Overall top posters"?

    Sometimes I like seeing forum statistics like that, Its great thing for curiosity, and I think other people would like seeing it too.
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    eSPXe 1.8 is almost ready to come out!

    After 4 years of no news, they finally give us a little notice. I thought that eSPXe was dead! haha. Here is the webpage: Are you guys excited?
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    Guide to set up pSX v1.13

    Hello! This will be a guide on how to setup the emulator pSX. First thing you got to do is download it. You can download it by clicking this link: pSX Once you have downloaded the emulator, extract it with Winrar. Once you have extracted pSX, Open up the folder and double-click on the pSX...
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    Its my birthday today!

    Finally hit the big 1-9, Im gettin' old, :p Ive had 3 birthdays being on here so far, thats insane. :bleh:
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    Happy new years!

    Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays as much as me, :) Got a nice android tablet, how about you guys?