New Years Resolutions 2013

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Hey there, I was thinking about New Years resolutions today, and I was wondering what you guys were thinking about doing.

Myself, Its been hard to think of one, since I don't really do too much that I think isn't positive, but I resolved to add an additional 30 push-ups to my regiment each day, I think that brings my count to a total of 55 push-ups per day. =P


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Me? I am starting to look for a second-hand console like Wii or PS2, and hopefully I'm gonna grab one soon. :p

Sorry for not thinking serious about that as there is so much things to be done. But more importantly, wishing everyone have a great year in 2013. :D


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I'm going to get a new job.Earn some more money.And i'm going to save some money for new PC parts.
-I already have a job,i'm working as a Computer Tehnician in a well known company in our country.But lately they've been losing money,and it's getting close to bankrupt so i have to find another job as they are going to fire many people. :/