Long time no post!


Normal days im still learning programming but im not good as i want.

Also math and russian and other sort of things.

Im now user of Debian.

You know me from other nick.

Im on social pension and still fighting with my illness.
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Hey there pix, I am sorry to hear about your illness. How long have you been fighting it now? Glad to hear that you are at least trying to learn to program! That isn't something that I have the capacity for.
As for where I have been, not many places! Just been focusing on work. I have been taking small vacations here and there, mostly going to conventions.
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You can also learn programming.

My illnes begins long time ago when i was teenager voices and other stuff.

I was 16 or less or more im dont remember well.

Two times in mental hospital.


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Man tell me about it! I don't know what it is like in Greece, but where I live its been hitting the low to mid 90s F°

I'm in FL US, the last month as all been rain, so needed it too... but normal very hot. Glad to see you back.