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    PCSX2 v0.9 Released!!!!

    [ Posted by CKemu @ 5:22 on 03 04 06 ] Yes folks PCSX2 0.9 is here, by no means gracefully, but it is here! You can now enjoy PCSX2 0.9 a faster and more compatible PS2 emulator, it's been a year since 0.8.1 was released so you will see many dramatic changes! Many games are now going ingame...
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    pSX 1.4

    * Added final icon and controller dialog graphcs from TheCloudOfSmoke * Fixed bug where joystick device selection was not kept after restarting * Implemented PPF patch support (command line only for now) * Added option to disable bilinear filtering * Added L3 and R3 buttons for...
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    Dualis release 19

    *Update: The original version of Dualis 19 would freeze if you loaded a ROM by double-clicking it in explorer. This should now be fixed. CPU: Added the LZ77UnCompVram SWI (callbacks are ignored) APU: Added support for PSG noise MMU: Fixed a problem with the IRQ flags sometimes being set when...
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    Dualis Release 16

    Two are better than one. This release features the addition of the second CPU (ARM7TDMI). Touchscreen access is still faked in the same manner as in earlier versions, and not all parts of ARM7 memory are handled correctly yet. Note that earlier versions of the plugins are more or...
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    Dualis Release 15.1

    CPU: Changed CPSR bits when entering IRQ mode MMU: Fixed some bugs introduced in Dualis 14.1 MMU: Fixed writes to the DMA0 registers GUI: .nds files are now entirely loaded into memory (for romfs/gbfs) GUI: Fixed some bugs in the disassembler (CLZ, register-specified...
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    DeSmuME 0.3.3 released!

    Yopyop released a new version of his Nintendo DS emulator. Here's what he had to say : I did not work on the project this week but this morning thanks to bilou ;) I made a little update but with big consequences. Change log : * Authorize the use of DMA with 16 bits registers...
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    Dualis Release 14

    Dualis is now one year old. The author is celebrating by releasing for all of you a new version of his Nintendo DS emulator. This release should show much improved 3D emulation. Here are the changes in details : GPU: Fixed some matrix operation bugs (OGL only) GPU: Modified 3D layer...
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    Gebea Release 12 is out!

    Even though he's spending alot of time working on Dualis, Mic has released a new version of his GameBoy Advance emulator. This brings Gebea to its twelfth release. Here are the changes : CPU: Fixed crashes when using SWIs in Thumb mode GPU: Fixed some luma effect bugs GPU: Rotoscale...
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    RascalBoy Advance v1.3.0.0

    This new version, which features some nice gamer as well as development features, comes with the following changes: * Fixed few bugs SaveState features. * Added Backup plugins. Download
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    Project 64 v1.7 news

    One of the new things that have now been added in to the current beta of project 64 is low level graphics. It is slow running at 5-30 fps on my machine, so you would not want to play a game with it. Some games look great, others not so good. This version is currently available to beta user, to...
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    Dualis Release 13

    This emulator cannot run any commercial games yet. Check it out, here's the latest changes : CPU: Optimized Thumb emulation CPU: Added support for mode changes on MOVS CPU: The IntrWait SWI can now be interrupted even when IME=0 (as it would on a real DS) GPU: Added support...
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    pSX emulator v1.1 released

    Lots of new changes are coming with this version, take a look at the change log: * ALT+F4 now exits the emulator * Pressing F1/Shift+F1 switches back to windowed mode for file dialog * *.mcr files are shown in memory card dialog * Option to disable status icons (CD/XA/MR, etc..)...
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    iDEAS v1.0.0.7 released

    Lino has update iDeaS's website with a new version of his popular Nintendo DS emulator. This version only fixes a few issues that shouldn't affect compatibility. Here are those changes: * Improved touchsreen (now DSLINUX keyboard works) * Improved the plugin management * Added a plugin to...
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    No$GBA 2.2 released!

    A new freeware version of No$GBA (stripped of its debugging features)*is now available for download. No$GBA 2.2 now has support for Nintendo DS games. While some parts are perfectly emulated, a few major features are still missing. Here is what the author had to say about this : Major...
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    VBA-S Build 06/01/21

    This is an unofficial release, since VBA is open source for some time now... Lately, I have been in the "mood" for coding, so I continued with VBA, anyway I dumped some crazy changes I made a while ago, because I totaly messes up the app back then xD Now to the interesting part...