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Dualis Release 13


New member
This emulator cannot run any commercial games yet. Check it out, here's the latest changes :

CPU: Optimized Thumb emulation
CPU: Added support for mode changes on MOVS
CPU: The IntrWait SWI can now be interrupted even when IME=0 (as it would on a real DS)
GPU: Added support for main memory (FIFO) display mode
GPU: Modfied reference coordinate calculation for rotoscale OBJs
GPU: Fixed vertical OBJ clipping
GPU: Fixed a problem with 1D bitmap OBJ mapping
GPU: Fixed a bug where BGs would not be drawn if the VRAM selection bits in DISPCNT were non-zero
MMU: Fixed 16- and 32-bit writes to VRAMCNT_*
MMU: VRAM banks mapped to extended palettes are no longer accessible
GUI: Added an OBJ viewer
GUI: Added a map viewer (does not yet support all types of maps)
GUI: Improved the tile viewer (VRAM bank selection)
GUI: Changed the screenshot keyboard shortcuts to Ctrl+1..Ctrl+3 so as to not interfere with dialogs were entering numbers is needed



up to 13.1 now

CPU: Fixed crashes when using SWIs in Thumb mode
GPU: Fixed colors of extended palette OBJs in OpenGL mode
GPU: Added emulation of the master brightness setting
GUI: Improved the map viewer


New member
Dualis Release 13.3 is out

There has been alot of updates from this Nintendo DS emulator in the last couple of days. Here's the changelog :

GPU: Added support for flipping of bitmap OBJs
GPU: Fixed a clipping bug for rotoscaled bitmap OBJs
MMU: Fixed a bug that would sometimes result in bad 32-bit reads from VRAM
GUI: Added support for zipped ROMs (only .nds)
GUI: Added support for the master char/screen offsets in the map viewer
GUI: Tile information is now diplayed when clicking on the map in the map viewer
GUI: Added a texture viewer (supports only 15-bit textures at this point)

Since we missed Release 13.2, here are the changes that were in that release :

GPU: Fixed rendering of rotoscaled 1D bitmap sprites
GPU: Added support for the master char/screen offset setting (text BGs)
GUI: Map viewer and OAM viewer now support extended palettes
GUI: Map viewer now supports tile flipping
GUI: Map viewer now supports viewing of VRAM banks in LCDC mode
GUI: Fixed rendering of 16-color OBJs with palette number >=8 in the OAM viewer
GUI: Fixed rendering of 1D bitmap OBJs in the OAM view



New member
Thanks for the news, but I don't think it's OK to direct link that files, it would be better just link to the download site.
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Dualis r13.4 released

Please note that no commercial games are running on this emulator yet - so don't bother asking.
Anyway, here are the changes in this version:

GPU: Added partial support for capturing
GPU: Added support for luma effects on bitmap OBJs
GPU: Fixed luma increase for BGs
GPU: Fixed a bug with luma decrease enabled and no target layers selected
GPU: Corrected the master brightness algorithm