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VBA-S Build 06/01/21


New member
This is an unofficial release, since VBA is open source for some time now...

Lately, I have been in the "mood" for coding, so I continued with VBA, anyway I dumped some crazy changes I made a while ago, because I totaly messes up the app back then xD

Now to the interesting part. pokemonhacker made some changes to the CVS code, and these come ON TOP of beta 3, so it is newer than that. I described those changes in the change log.

Remeber, this is a WIP (Work-In-Progress) Version, not a a stable one. Tell me, if you find some easy bugs in the application (that do not cover emulation itself xD)

Here are the changes in this WIP :

* Switching the menu bar does not take ages in D3D full screen
* Applied official CVS changes from January 19, 2006
* - GB: fixed initial values for registers (tested on hardware)
* - GB: added bugs on purpose that exist in hardware
* - GB: added 'genericflashcard' option
* - GB: added gbDrawLine()
* - GB: fixed GB cheats compare code
* - miscellaneous fixes
* Code cleanup
* Updated Minizip component to version 1.01e
* New color themes only get applied if not in GBC/SGB mode



New member
VBA-S build 2006/02/11 released!

Our buddy Spacy has made more changes to his version of the popular GameBoy Advance emulator VBA, originally created by Forgotten. Here's what's new :

* Applied mhamanaka's patch for the jopyad config problems for japanese users
* Updated DirectInput to version 8
* Updated DirectSound to version 8
* Changed DirectX Initializations
* Updated GNU GPL info in every source file
* Removed some remaining SDL code
* Increased code's 64 bit compatibility
* Fixed Tab order for Option Dialog
* Dialog for video settings now working
* D3D: Calculation of the image position is now done only once instead of every frame
* Pre-defined full screen resolutions now keep the current bit depth
* Pre-defined 1024 & 1280 modes work now with D3D
* Replaced TheCloudOfSmoke's color set with a better one, made by PokemonHacker
* Made fullscreen mode select code look better
* Removed remaining GUID variables from DirectDraw
* Added option to D3D to keep aspect ratio (affects windowed & fs mode)
* Removed MaxScale option (it is useless in my eyes and hard to implement with matrices)
* Updated about box

If the emulator asks for a file named d3dx9_28.dll, you can download it here http://files.ngemu.com/gba/vba/download/d3dx9_28.zip and extract it into the main folder of VBA-S.

» Download VBA-S build 2006/02/11
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