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Dualis release 19


New member
*Update: The original version of Dualis 19 would freeze if you loaded a ROM by double-clicking it in explorer. This should now be fixed.

CPU: Added the LZ77UnCompVram SWI (callbacks are ignored)
APU: Added support for PSG noise
MMU: Fixed a problem with the IRQ flags sometimes being set when they shouldn't be
MMU: Added some support for ATAPI and FAT16 (GBAMP)
GUI: Screenshots are saved in the same directory as the ROM file
GUI: Various small changes to allow the FAT emulation to work

Some current limitations of the FAT emulation: Only read operations are supported, max number of files/directories: 256, max combined file size: 32 MB, only 8.3 format filenames.



New member
Dualis 19.1 Out


GPU: Added support for the A3I5 and A5I3 texture formats
GPU: Fixed some errors in color selection for paletted textures
MMU: Upped the FAT limits to max 32768 files/directories with a total size of 256 MB
MMU: Added support for long filenames in the FAT
GUI: GBAMP emulation can be turned off (on memory tab, or in dualis.ini)
GUI: Switched from WM_TIMER to a multimedia timer callback

Note that the max number of directory entries at the root level still is 512, and that the max total number of files/directories will be lower than 32768 if there are files that uses long filenames.