What are you playing right now?


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right now im playing the metal slug series... its a great game.. ms1-5 for the arcade,ms1st and 2nd mission for neo-geo(handheld) and the msadvace for the gba and also the megaman series,, i think for me its the gameplay and storyline...


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-Half-Life 2
-Counter-Strike: Source
-Star-Wars Battlefront
-Hitman Contracts
-Thief Deadly Shadows
-Need for Speed Underground 2
-Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

Thats it for now, I think lol.


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Well , ET is free and its one of the finest multiplayer games out there. They are presently working on urban terror for enemy territory making it a free download as well using the RTCW engine. Cant wait to add that one to my list!!!


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Half-Life 2 and Quake III arena.

Hahahaha, those guys blow my ass easily on the excessive mode :confused:


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Quake 3 huh. Did you ever try that matrix mod that slows down bullet time and stuff like that? I have yet to try that mod out.


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hmm, i guess. Im going to try it out this weekend. The specialists mod for half life is amazing as well. Check it out!


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Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (which feels subpar compared to the original)

I feel like a dork for getting the ROM after buying the FFTA game off eBay.


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You guys are fucking rocket scientists.

Playing all those games and posting here at the same time is simply amazing :confused: