What are you playing right now?


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unfortuanatey I'm full of games that I don't complete... I'm presently Playing

3.Final Fantasy Tactics
4.Tiger Woods Pga tour
6.Ghost Recon2
7.LOTR the RPG one
8.Call of duty finest Hour


I have quite a problem finishing games, a game really has to hold me I'll finish mercs though it's kinda short really
and I have to get back to KOTOR2, I kinda decided I wanted to be a SITH midway and I already became a Jedi.
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Right now, I'm playing this one. :cool:

SpellForce : The Order of Dawn
Need For Speed : Underground 2


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im currently playin these 3 games:

-Lunar: Silvar Star Story-PSX
-Legend of Dragoon-PSX
-Golden Sun 2-GBA

but i also got a lot of other games that im in the middle of, but havent had the time to finish, but soon i'll get to them!!


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lately ive been laying into spiderman 2, buffy the vampire slayer and the new grand theft auto


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Well u can find me on, I play there often. Though I got exams currently so I wont be one until tommorow.