midi files


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Counterstrike has some, I'll send your ass a few gunshots in a minute.

Aaaah fuck, I deleted them from this comp, can't be arsed to go to the other.

Jet Set Willy

Why do you think MIDI files would be useful anyway? All they are is instructions for your sound card's onboard synth. They don't have sound effects stored in them.


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DJ Beefzibit, just do as I did. Buy a USB infrared port provided that your phone has one as well(all new phones have one nowdays) :)

I already have several tunes loaded to my phone that way without the need for third party communication software.


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i have considered buying the cable for the fone, but it works out cheaper for me to use this less easier way. i know what i need to buy, the software to get (warez of course ^_^) but australia sucks cause all electronics are expensive

either way id still need the midi files