Last Things You Bought... And Their Price


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The title pretty much says what this game is about. You can name up to 5 things you bought recently. Prices in US Dollars only. Round prices.

  • Creative 5.1 Speaker System - $ 128
  • Samba chocolate bar - $ 2.
  • Meat pie - $ 2.
  • Phone card - $ 5.
  • Cat food - $ 3.


I am the Stig
  • Halo 3 £40 ($80)
  • Fish 'n' Chips £4.50 ($9)
  • Bottle of coke £0.75 ($1.50)
  • Shoes £45 ($90)
  • Beer £12 ($24)

/me thinks Jale only started this game to brag about his new speakers. :p


Capo di Tutti Capi
Nice thread:

- Food: 13 Euros
- Cigarettes: 4 Euros
- SNES Copier: 40 Euros
- Mystic Quest Legend SNES (Big box version complete!): 20 Euros
- 13 PC Adventures (New Carton Boxed!): 19,50 Euros

I went to a retro fair yesterday, therefore the game purchases ;)


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  • MSI TV Capturer USB - $ 100 (Sucks. Gonna replace it with a Pinnacle card instead).

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Heh, don't get me started...

Rent: $650
Electric: $70 (Average)
Car insurance: $150
Car payment: $250
High Speed Internet: $59

I could go on, it's called the game of life and the same every month. I know ya said "bought" but it came out of my pocket like everything else, so it's the same to me. :p


I am the Stig
  • Call of Duty 4 (Xbox360) - £40/$82.43 (When will games drop down too £30 like the good 'ol days?)
  • Sony Ericsson K800i - £80/$164.86
  • SanDisk M2 2.0GB - £11/$22.66


I am the Stig
Why dont you play??

Btw -did you buy a mic and whats your new Gamertag?

I havent renewed my Live subscription yet. I will do it soon (Maybe). If you want to have a game let me know when your on and ill set up a new "freebie" 1 month gold subscription.


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For Black Friday, I bought 2gb of SO-DIMM DDR2 for $15 (after MIR) and a 500gb external USB HD for $80.

And CoD 4 is an amazing game. I don't know what's better: the game play, or the cinematic elements.