A Game Which Stephen Hawking Could Play...


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so it requires no movement of anything but brief clicks of a mouse? how can you make a game without even mouse movements?

btw i didnt play the game. internet too slow

EDIT: this isnt that retarded helicopter game that you click the mouse to move the thing up and down to dodge obstacles, right?


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DanielW gave a link to that once. I got 433 on my first try.


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I love that game, I was playing it a couple of days ago and I got 2,000 and some.


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How the fuck am I ment to get through that gap?


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I thought I'd listen to Gigi D'agostino - Bla Bla Bla while playing this addictive little game and BAM, I nearly tripled my highscore: 1408 now. :)

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Abba bank wobbin'
I been bank wobbin'
been been bank wobbin'
Abba tuba bank wobbin'
Abba Abba bank wobbin'
Ab Abba bank wobbin'
Been been bank wobbin'
Up to the bank wobbin'

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I used to play this for literally hours on end at school last winter, I think my average high score was about 2800 or so. Don't know if I ever broke 3000, though I suspect I probably did a couple of times.