Gameboy Advance Multiplayer


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Is there a emulator thats like plays all gb game versions and still has a easy link up thing link tgbc duel?

I tried vba link but the link does not work with the harvest moon series games.

Which really makes me mad.

If theres not one lets try to make one. We could call it ultra boy.


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Well Ive worked with Visual Boy Advance for about five hours trying with my brother in AR to get it to work... seriously we got like 2% AT BEST!!! on Dragonball Z Supersonic Warriors... WHY THE HELL does it go so slow??? I mean we got connected after we shut our firewalls down and all that... but... still "IF" we got connected VBA would be at 2% at the most... any ideas on how to fix that???


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Missing the gba bios? TCP/IP problems?
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Well... Im on a DSL Modem, Linksys Router, and then my computer with who knows how many firewalls... might just be my GODDA*NED computer firewalls... I trully wish you could just connect to a server like you can with Diablo 2 and such... like Battlenet make a


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This version doesn't work better over Internet (that's why it's called LAN). Right now I'm making a faster one, don't know how faster it will be though


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dum im new to the link in VBAlink and ive also never done it on real gba so can someone tell me how to do the stuff cus im trying to do it it onp pokemon emrald and it dosent work and if its just the emulator canu tell me wich one will work(if any)thanx in advance


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ok how do you get controllers to work right

im using a smartjoy dualbox and i can enter in the controls for 1st player but how do you it for 2nd player.

for NO$GBA


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question on the gbalink

hey is der a way to transfer game files to the vbalink from the original one cuz i want to transfer/link or whatever but i still want to transfer to my already saved files


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Will they be able to make a GBA emulator able to trade with an N64 emulator? Or maybe an N64 emu able to play GBA games and the same save type as another GBA emulator or something like that.


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As far as know there is no way you can connect the GBA with N64 so there won't be an emulator that connects GBA and N64.


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.Umm..I need some help.. ;_; ... I opened up vba, setup the vba server, entered the ip address, and when I tried to press "connect" it gives me this "error 11004" ....what should I do to fix this problem.. :( thanks in advance..


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haven't read 10 pages, sorry if this problem has already been answered.
when i click on "link" for 2nd time to make the other GBA boot, it doesn't...
pls help, thx :)


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Sorry for asking but after trading pokemon from sapphire to sapphire, the link does not work... Is there something I can do to make the emulator trade again?


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this thread is sooooooooooooo fucked up, I we need to make a new one...


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Sorry, but when I go to Options> in VBA, there is no link option. Can someone please tell me where it is?

Yes, I am a noob.