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    Announcment: Old Skool Games Content Submission Contest

    Hey guys, I'm not dead (yet) or anything. But I've been busy working on my site. Giving it a facelift, and hopefully this contest will help me generate some reviews so I can publish a new issue. So I thought I would make an announcement here for anyone interested.
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    I'm back.... kind of

    Long time no see, everyone. I am happy to find that EZ is still going as a Community. Nice to see I also still have my Super Evil Moderator Powah :fuckyou: I have been gone for several years I guess? Popped in on ocassion. I've been doing many things that keep me busy, mostly work. But I...
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    So I purchased...

    Dark Game Studio, from the Bonanza sale ($50 Pro version and bunch of extras).. Guess I kind of have to make that Text RPG I've always wanted to make now... heh
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    Semi-Annual-begging-for-writers post

    Yes ! It seems we've picked up some new members here and there since the last time I did this... Or perhaps some of you regulars have had your situations change to allow free time? Doesn't really matter as long as you can write in proper English I've been trying to push out a new issue of...
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    Good thing I didn't buy the 24"

    I picked up the Syncmaster XL2370 LED Monitor from Best Buy today. Everything is SO FUCKING WIDE, I'm still getting used to this.. Should make editing Old Skool Games a bit easier though, since I can do it in 2-page spread view now. Have to go try Mass Effect 2.. Gotta find time to...
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    Hot damn Internet upgrade

    I was uploading something a bit ago and noticed I was uploading @ 180KB/s which was odd cause usually it would cap around 100KB So I went and did a speed test Holy shit what an upgrade 3 MB/sec down 170 - 180K/up :p
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    OSG Needs your help

    Hey guys, I know that I am not very active on the forum these days, so I hate for this to come off as spam, or asking a lot of people who don't really interact with or know me that well, but I don't know what else to do to solve my problem. I'm a pretty timid guy, and I don't like signing up...
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    Site hacked...lamers

    I am assuming this happened recently... as no one has e-mailed me anything or told me that something was wrong with my site.. some fags slipped in some shit newspost about some modern warfare2 website/forum, modified a CHMOD 644 file (shouldn't be possible to edit it from public) and...
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    Proxy List

    Anyone looking for some privacy, or concerned with overcoming government censorship, which blocks sites outside their country that are "not approved" I found a nice site that lists lots of proxies for different countries. I'm on one right now, and its surprisingly fast vs when I had tried in...
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    So pissed right now

    I just lost about 1TB of ROMS, ISOs, etc... Fucking POS Seagate bricked on me and all I did was turn the computer off then turn it on the next day.. Goddamn SD15 Firmware!! Fucking killed the drive before I could update it... URGH :fuckyou:
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    Guide: Wrapping Xvid into DivX Ultra to gain Menus I have done a lot of experimenting with encoding over the past few weeks. I really love the fact that Xvids deliver great quality at relatively small file sizes. However like most people I have been forced to use DivX Ultra files in the past...
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    Google no longer safe Pathetic, scroll down to the bottom of the page.. I just wanted Xvid Matrixes, lol.. Google has a...
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    My bro just upgraded our cable to 10 Megabit service.. 1 megabyte/sec downloads and 100k/sec uploads FTW !
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    State of Dreamcast Emulation?

    Just curious what the state of things is.. Are there one or two good emulators out there, with good performance and compatability? I'm not going to have to go to 50 different sites to find the best plugin am I? In the process of acquiring a substantial collection of DC games, and my brother...
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    It's D-DAY !

    If you are from the USA you better go out and vote. This is going to be one of the closest elections in the history of our country, and have one of the highest voter turnouts, especially among people. I don't care who you are voting for, just go and VOTE. Remember you can always register to...