Announcment: Old Skool Games Content Submission Contest


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Hey guys, I'm not dead (yet) or anything. But I've been busy working on my site. Giving it a facelift, and hopefully this contest will help me generate some reviews so I can publish a new issue. So I thought I would make an announcement here for anyone interested.

Old Skool Games is pleased to announce that our Content Submission Contest is now underway!
The contest is simple. All you have to do is come over to the site and click the link in our news post to the FAQ page for the contest, where you will learn all the rules about how to participate.

Everyone who submits 1 or more reviews, judged to be of good, respectable quality, will have the chance to be considered for either the 1st place prize of: The Humble THQ Bundle, or the 2nd Place prize of: The Humble Indie Bundle 7

So come visit the site, and learn the full details of the contest, and then submit your work for your chance to win either the Humble THQ Bundle or The Humble Indie Bundle 7!
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Thanks, I hope people decide to participate :)

This may be the deciding point on whether or not I continue to run the site... :(


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This sounds great.I hope people will participate.Now that THQ is dead this would be a perfect chance to get a legit copy of a Humble THQ Bundle.I am a huge fan of indie games,but i already have almost all bundles.I wish you luck Zach! :D