World’s Largest Video Game Collection

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Here's the interview link:

This guy has more games that most people have roms.Check the pictures too.
It took him 16 years to gather the games and consoles.
Have you heard of a guy that has a similar collection ?


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/me bow to the REAL collector. :eek:

I start to think how much money was spent for that collection?

Anyway,Thanks for the link. :)


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Now this is one of those situations where i wish i had it, but i'm glad i don't.
why? Well i wish i had so many games because then i would always have something to do all day, and the reason i'm glad i don't have that many games is because i don't wanna spend all my life in a dark basement playing video games, i want a life you know, better get started.


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Chrnodevil said:
i would always have something to do all day

Just start collecting ROMs. I have already over 400GB of ROMs now, which is more than enough to keep me playing for the rest of my life :D


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Heh do you think he even gets thru all that in a year??

I bet he is playing 1 or 2 games all the time while the others just sit there :D

Biggest collection i have ever seen though!
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