What was the last movie you watched?


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Sorry to double post......

The last movies i watched

3000 miles to Graceland - Great movie

Romper Stomper{not a porno} - Good movie


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I bought Karas: The Revelation the other day.. It's not a bad sequel, but I wish it had a little more action, and that it was a little more exciting in that respect.

I think Karas: The Prophecy did a great job of blending story and action, and the action looked beter as well.

Music was top class as always.. Though the voice acting for Otoha & Eko were weak at some points.


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Idiocracy, wasnt as good as AnAutisticDog said it was, but still worth watching.

Also watched Shooting Fish that was on my Sky+ Anytime. An okay film, about a two orhpans trying to con the wealth out of their money so they can buy their dream house.


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I watched Pan's Labyrinth yesterday. A kind of mature fairy tale. I liked it.
I also watched 1408 last week. Great movie! Although 90% is in the light, it still is very creepy :)


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I watched "Death At A Funeral"(brititish humor) and "Hot Rod"(american humor) last night, and I have to say, both had their unique funny moments. But Dr Strangelove, and the 4 Monty Python movies are still far supperior to anything made in the last decade.


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Resident Evil : Extinction. more like Resident Evil : Parasite Eve 2 wannabe imo :D . But at least better than the second movie.