What are you playing right now?


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Heavy rain completed yesterday and was the best ending.I Played Project Reality Yesterday for 2 or 3 hours and got 2 kills and 10 death. Not too bad for my first time.Also still playing COD4 & 5. Actually got 24 Kills in a COD4.


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I was originally playing Bioshock 2, but I had to reformat my PC and I couldn't save my save file thanks to the ultimate crappy Games for Windows Live system which made things harder. I couldn't be arsed to start it all over again.

Now playing: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (PC)


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Battle Field 1943- PS3
Earth Worm Jim- Sega Genesis
Doom-Play Station
Resident Evil 3-Play Station


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PS2 - Metal Saga


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Fable TLC & NFS Most Wanted


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ps1-final fantasy 9

computer-Lord of the rings online

ps3-Hopefully Ac Brotherhood and maybe Marvel vs capcom 3 if my friend buys it and i'm out in la