Top 10 Films Of 2003

El Fugitivo

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I haven't come up with mine yet, but, uh... yeah.

Oh, and I know there're two months left in the year, but I don't really see Return Of The King topping my list, even if I wanted it to.


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2003 has SUCKED for movie's in general . Ive seen all those pathetic summer seat-filler's; I still cannot believe how many bad movie's Ive seen this year.

I honestly cannot name one good movie that came out this year, so far. (Note: I have yet to see Kill Bill)

All of the good movies are coming out soon, though, can't wait......

Like: LOTR 3, The Matrix Revolution's, and other's I can't remember.


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I dont know I thought It was a pretty good year for movie...well I didnt see much movies so I cant really say that but they had really good idea for the movies such as - Freddy Vs Jason and Kill Bill

I resently saw Pirates Of The Caribbean - Thought It was really good.


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I forgot what I saw in the movies. Uhhhh let's see:

2Fast 2Furious - Horrible!
LOTR: Two Towers: Okay I guess.
Anger Management: Dissappointing, I guess my expectations were too high.

And I can't remember any more.


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All the movies I've seen that I liked, but are not particularly the best ever would be
In no particular order

The Medallion
Terminator 3 (anyone who saw this for storyline progression is shitting themself)
The Italian Job
Star Trek Nemesis
The Two Towers (naturally.. But it was kind of slow-going)
Kill Bill (duh!)
Pirates of the Caribbean

that's about it.. This year is the year I've most gone to the movies in my whole life. I used to go years between actually sitting down in a theatre.


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Only seen 1 film this year and that was the matrix reloaded. It was ok.

Before that the last film I went to see was Hollow man, which was wank. And before that it was Titanic, which wasn't awful but not something I could watch anymore than once.


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the year isn't even over yet
i cant remember what ive seen

i know i've seen
matrix reloaded
two towers
terminator 3
after that my mind draws a blank

i know i saw something at the cinema that impressed me


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i found a little bit of memory

i enjoyed the gangs of new york

and the postcard bandit (an australian tv movie - but really entertaining and funny)