The Ultimate Emulator Project


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let me see if i have this straight... you want to create the perfect emulator for all platforms? that is, one emulator that will play any rom, be it genesis, snes, game boy, etc?

well, here is how you do it. write a front end prog that can manipulate zsnes, gens+, virtual boy advance, nesterJ, meka, magic engine, mame32, winvice, neoRageX, winfellow, handy, stella, and neoPop, with the ability to load each rom into its corresponding emulator without having to quit the frontend or switch progs. and there you have it, your perfect emulator. able to run almost any rom from any classic handheld or console.


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so? why write an entirely new emulator that has to emulate, in one program, all of those consoles, when there are already good emulators written for most of them? a cleverly designed front end program could make it feel like you are only using one emulator to play all of your games, by providing an ubiquitous interface with each emulator inside the front end program itself. and it doesn't have to be 'half-assed', as you put it.


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interesting. is it any good?

For the most common systems, the single system emulators are better, but there are a few systems that are only emulated by MESS.
MESS focuses on accuracy (like MAME), so take into account that it can be very slow.