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rpcs3 updates topic



in this new thread I will post all the updates for the ps3 emulator ( rpcs3 ) I wont post links here just whats new and the links you will find at the site


rpcs3 r51

- More SPU instructions emulated
- Byte order will probably have to be reversed for halfword/word access

see u in the next update


in the forum they told me to post new updates here because the emulator zone forum is the most popular emulators site


Controller Man
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Talk to the admins here I'm sure they would rather this be in the updates section. Give Lefteris_D a shout.
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new update


- Fixed Null GS renderer.
- Fixed callback executor.
- Implemented cellMsgDialogOpen2 syscall.


more news

a homebrew game which names ( cobra1 ) is loadable here ( just black screen with more than 250 fps!!!!) its great because when you try to load a homebrew elf it crashes but this loaded...... after some updates a lot of homebrew games will be loadable and 1 or 2 will be playable and 3 or 7 will be half playable ).

image for the cobra 1 loadable black screen


so what do you think