Router Firmware


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Umm.. all computers have UPNP.. It's a windows service.. it should be on by default.. It is what allows programs like utorrent to open and close ports on your router (ones that support upnp) and windows firewell without you having to touch anything.

so no they shouldn't be blocked...

You could put your PC in the router DMZ (you lose ALL protection from the router) and see if your ports still mysteriously close too.. In which case it is either something you have to hash out with your PC, or your ISP


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Not really, but I download and upload at a decent I figure I better stop fucking with before it really screws up.
I think the best thing I can do is get a new router.
I cant get a new ISP because Charter is THE ONLY highspeed carrier in my area.

Thanks for all the help


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You may want to actually do some digging and see if other carriers have moved into your area. I know there was a big stink about charter being forced to let competitors into our area a while back..

I think we can get verizon/ATT DSL/fiber now, and maybe one other cable internet service