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Nostalgia, an Intellivision Emulator


New member
I didn't see any Intellivision emulators on the site, so let me be the first to talk about mine ;)

It's called Nostalgia. It's been in pretty much constant development for the last 4 years. It is very accurate, and is able to run every available Intellivision game, both old and new. Here's a quick list of features:

  • Intellivoice and ECS support, including the ECS keyboard.
  • Run all existing games and any new games.
  • Groovy, retro-feel interface.
  • Command line support to allow use of emulator front-end software.
  • Completely customizable joystick / keyboard interface.
  • Customizable color palette so you can make it look like you remember.
  • Record movie captures with sound in AVI format.
  • Record sound captures in WAV format.
  • Snap screen captures in BMP format.
  • Save and Restore games.
  • Add your own game box and overlay images to display with the game.
  • View game manuals inside Nostalgia!
  • Box / Overlay images and Manuals for most games now available for download! Just unzip them into your images or manuals folder.
  • Optimized to run well on almost any PC. Much heavier optimization planned for next release.
  • Debugger for aiding the creation of new games.

To see some screenshots or to download Nostalgia 4.1 or 4.2 Beta for Windows, head to my website:

Shiny Technologies

Also in development is Pocket Nostalgia, currently at pre-beta version 1.4. A new version is going up tonight to fix some early bugs. Pocket Nostalgia is a port of Nostalgia to the Pocket PC 2003 platform.



New member
Lefteris_D said:
This page has been available for some time now:

Ha! Somehow I missed that. Maybe the front page needs an Intellivision section ;) There are a few other Inty emulators out there. Bliss by Kyle Davis - which has been ported to Windows, Linux, BeOS, pure Java, a web applet and who knows what else There's also jzIntv by Joe Zbiciak. Joe is also a very talented Intellivision game developer. There are also two more emulators in various stages of development that I know of.

So is this the right forum in which to post updates? The 3.9 version linked above is well outdated. There's also the Pocket PC version that should be added to the Mobile Emulators section. It's in very active development, so new versions are being created every couple of days.