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New Multi-Arcade Emulator in Java


New member
Hi there,

I'd like to point out the website of a new arcade emulator called JEmu2. Well, it's not entirely new but it never had an official website before and has been offline for a long time.

JEmu2 features:
* The easiest way to experience arcade emulation by a one-click install and automatic updating (it's deployed through Java Web Start).
* OpenGL rendering
* Online high score saving (currently just for 3 games, but more games will support this)
* Sound (although not all games support sound)
* Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
* Currently, 28 games are supported (more to follow)

You will need java 1.4 or higher installed.
You can find JEmu2 at http://www.gagaplay.com



New member
New update

The latest version includes the following additions:
* 5 more games (Arkanoid (with sound!), scramble, war of the bugs, sonson, mario bros.)
* high score saving now supported in 9 games
* added YM2203 FM sound emulation
* added sound support to Commando, 1943, 1943 Kai and Gun Smoke
* fixed some bugs related to video initialization (mainly affected ATI users)



New member
Version 1.4 released

New features:

* New support for Ghosts 'n Goblins (with sound), Kung-Fu Master, Lode Runnder, Lode Runner 2
* Scanlines and Scale2x renderers
* Implemented vblank duration, fixing some sprite/background alignment issues (affected Commando and Black Tiger).
* Performance improvements
* Frame Skipping (F5 and F6)


New member
Somebody please help. I use to play gagaplay all the time and now it's asking for some type of password. What gives. How do I register so I can play again......



FFT iso... ATTACK!!!!!
awome a not uber publicized arcade emu.!!!!!


I think he means it's not very well known. I guess.

Now there's been no updates since April, is it still alive?


New member
Since April? No, it's still very alive and I've done some updates in the meantime.
In fact I've recently updated it with a driver for the After Burner 2 arcade, and with online high scores :)


New member
JEmu2 was just updated to version 3.4.
New in this release:
1) Support for Sega Y-Board hardware (Galaxy Force II, Power Drift, Rail Chase, G-LOC)
2) Performance improvements in Sega X-Board hardware (After Burner II).
3) Moved Street Fighter 2 to the 16 bit arcade section.