N-gage Emulator


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I read in a pc magazine that some hackers broke the code of N-Gage or something.I didn't understand exactly what they did but the fact is that we should expect an emulator of N-Gage pretty soon.


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tht jus those hackers, they have some managed
to have the games downloadable onto the n-gage using a memory cart or something
these games have been hacked, and so by putting them onto the cart with some binary code or something, it actually works, but the games dont work multiplayer
i found the website once where the guy was telling you how to put the code onto the cart and everything


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well... i would like to see an emulator for n-gage games to use on a 3650! the phone reads the cards but the games don't work...
i'll just wait untill some guy makes it


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Only a fewn-gage games work on 3650 because it has very little ram compared to the N-Gage. Think sonic works.