Made myself a Signature...

Mupen64 Man

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Yeah, I made myself a signature, tell me what you think. here it tis:


I am the Stig
Nice sig. What program did you use? also keep in mind the forum guidelines for sigs.

7. Avatars & Signatures
Signatures that violate the rules will be replaced with a warning. Members who ignore this warning and keep violating the signature rules will be temporarily banned.

* Use acceptable content. Any content that is found to be inappropriate or insulting will be removed.
* Keep the combined maximum image size at 500x100 pixels and 50kb in filesize.
* You may use text in your signature but no more than four lines.
* You may not use the spoiler tag to bypass the image and text size restrictions.


Man of Many Talents
Impressive technically but a little "jumbled" artistically. A bit too much of everything. Remember the old "rule": Keep It Simple Stupid! :p
(And I also think it's a bit on the tall side. But nevertheless impressive!)


It's good, but most have smaller text. Yea, it's a bit tall too, but that's ok mine's a bit tall too lol.


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I'm not too keen on enforcing the 50kb file size rule too strictly, but yes 122kb is a bit big, and we have to respect our members who use regular modems without broadband access.

Just get it down to 500x100 and between 50 - 60kb and shouldn't hear anything further from me.

Mupen64 Man

Big fan of Mupen64
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ok, got it at exactly 500X100 pixels, and the size of file is 35 point somthing kb. Makes me kinda sad that I had to reduce it that low, kinda takes away the quality of my work, but hey, its a signature, :happy: