I'm Back!


Sly Little Devil
Hello All,

Have you missed me? Well I have good news (assuming you answered yes). As our more senior members know, I was once a regular on this site, a moderator even! However tragedy struck one day in the form of a computer malfunction leaving me with a broken laptop. Although I knew how to fix this issue, (quite easily even) the cost of the replacement parts was well outside my the confides of my sadly small income. Even though I found access to the Internet on almost a daily basis using my local library and the computers of a couple good friends, I had only the time to check my email and sign into messenger every once in a while due to a hectic work schedule, fear of wearing out my welcome, and a slew of other complications. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "When will this jack-ass get to the point?". Well the answer is now: I saved up some money and bought a new laptop instead of repairing the issues with the old one, the reason being that I can use the old one for replacement parts if this one screws up, hopefully preventing history from repeating itself. So to get to the freaking point, I'm back and will once again be posting on a daily basis. I hope this forum is just as enjoyable to post on as it was when I first stumbled upon this site so many years ago (and I'm sure that it is). Sorry to have been gone these last few months,



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welcome back jay!


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You could have just said that you had "personal problems". No need to go through lengthy explanations. ;)


Sly Little Devil
yeah, I disapear once in a while, huh? Well, I'm glad too see that some of you that remember me are still here. I've been posting here for a LONG time.