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Yay finally got to start one! :p

This is an approved thread so just don't let things get out of control otherwise we are going to lose it again.

(umm..did I spell that right? :unsure: )


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woot its back!!
i was afraid you werent going to open it, edea...

ok guys, keep it civil. dont flame too much, please...i dont want to be deleted/editing lots of posts :)


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why do I have the feeling that you wanted to say

"righty thought there was too much lefty in it, so he deleted it" ;)


"lefty thought there was too much righty in it, so he deleted it" ;)

just kidding...no messing up.


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I think I should stop thinking and punch in your face.

do you mean "i think i should stop thingking and punch you in your face"? because what you got there makes no sense whatsoever


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Vat da fack, he deleted honka 'cos he didnt want shit and now there's another honka? what was the point


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Originally posted by onewecallgod@May 12 2004, 07:11 AM
no idea, its the genius we have for a admin though
In all fairness, Lefty made a new Honka because you requested it. He had already deleted the old one and had no intention whatsoever of making a new one, then you asked him to. So he allowed a new one to be made as a favor to you. I can't say that I agree with Honka being deleted either, but he did allow another to be made just for you. I don't agree with everything Lefty does (or anyone else for that matter & he neither has such a demand from us). But you asked him for another and you got it, so what are you bitching about?


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Originally posted by onewecallgod@May 12 2004, 11:18 PM
youre right, i was being rediculous, but the reason why the original one was deleted stil baffles me
Hey onewecallgod, why don't you pay a little visit to onewecallspelling?