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First topic and needing a little information. First, let me start by saying that I bought a mini g box console that was packaged with 3000 games, and came with 2 nes style controllers and 2 playstation style controllers.

Since playing it, I was curious if I could install other type emulators on it, like a ps2 emulator or some other emulator like commodore 64 or gameboy.

I know all the games are on a micro sd card, so my plan was going to be to build a new sd card with games on it, so if I messed up, I wouldn’t trash the original sd card that came with it.

I’ve always been into playing old retro games, but wanted to be able to build a mini console type rather than some kind of computer. Don’t get me wrong, most of my games back in the day were Commodore 64 or IBM PC Windows based games.

Any information to help me get started would be appreciated. Again, never ventured into building an emulator type setup with Raspberry pi or Retroarch. I have used Linux before as well.


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You can change the software on some of those "emulation boxes", but it it really complicated without any information on the device. It is not possible to do it on all devices like that.

As for the software, it most likely uses a type of light weight Linux distribution with a custom frontend.