Creating ISO


O.G. (Original Gamer)
Im renting Doom 3: Collector's Edition on Xbox for a couple days.
I wanna know if I can create an ISO from the disc (no matter how illegal it is)
so I can keep it to play on an emulator when its finally playable ..
If it is possible, what program do I use and will it damage the original disc at all?



New member
unfortunately mate, you need to hack/mod-chip your xbox before you begin. then its a matter of ftp and using "c-xbox tool 2"

i think im allowed to say that... either way if you need further info PM me


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There is no emulator that will allow you to play Doom 3 yet. You might want to get the PC version if you have the specs for it.


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yeah... I'd just copy the disc onto a dvd and wait it out man. And besides, Doom 3 is already out on PC so you should just get that. lol the xbox version is sooooooo fugly....