Problem with forum: Corrputed date on New Posts



I'm using the 'grayscale' skin, and when I click on the 'New Posts' link, the dates on the righthand side are corrupted.

Last Post: March 7th, 20:

The year is corrupt, and the time is missing (if it should be there).

Strangely, when I copy-pasted the above example, the colon became a 1.


Worked it out... what happens is that the date is sort of blanked at the end, replaced by a space (noticed this on another forum that uses the same software). So, it wasn't actually a colon, it was the dots at the beginning of a 1, the rest being blanked off. So today I see the left half of a 0. It should wrap around although in fact there is just enough space to fit it in.

So if it's a forum bug, or some sort of Firefox issue, I don't know.

Oh can someone fix my typo in the first post... the edit button isn't there. Corrputed should be Corrupted.