New Content Request: can you make a PS4 Xbox One wii u 3ds and do they make roms for new games when they

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Can you make a PS4 Xbox One wii u 3ds Vita PS3 360 emulator and do they make roms for new games when they come out ? Thank you!

Ps:emulators rock! ;)


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Wow.. ok let try to answer some of this..

"you?" - Not sure who you are asking for there? Non of us really are in to making emulators. this is a emulator news site not a hosting site for software we made?
PS4 - Really?
wii U - Really?
Xbox one - there are a few in the works but nothing much in the way of playable.
3ds - not sure you will see anything playable for quite some time.
vita - fat chance seeing one any time soon
ps3 - nothing out there that plays roms yet.
360 - nothing out there that does much of anything yet.

Roms - you will find roms for just about any system. Remember a rom is a copy of a game that is copyrighted. If you download one and you dont have the game its considered stealing. So as you can imagine we can not help you with roms or its breaking the law.

emulators - You dont see an emulator pop up so soon. Its years after the console is out that you see them. Some consoles like the wii and n64 had emulators out while the console was active. There are specific reason for that and its not a common thing. Emulators that have fast chips like the ps3 are more powerful them most computers. The console has a better change emulating a computer then the reverse.
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Yeah, I'm going to make a Xbox360, Playstation 3, N3DS and a PSVita emulator. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. -_-


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Na man he's going to do it all at at once. Its going to brush your hair, defrag you disk, fix reg error, scratch you back, I even here its going to do your taxes for you. Get this he is going to make a fembot emulator too. Like totally "weird science style". Barbie dolls coming out of computer, dogs and cats living together, Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Its going to be the bomb!


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I'll close this. Trolling is fun sometimes but some people may believe it.

Just for the record. Out of all the systems mentioned in the original post, the 3DS, which has been out for a while, there is no emulator yet. Feel free to guess the answer for the rest.
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