Can I Load Mame Roms In Mess?


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Thanx 4 replying, TGS.

Do U know if I should dump the MAME ROMs somewhere within the MESS directory. Also do U know how 2 access them?

Thanx again

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I suggest dumpin' and tryin', givin' the documentation a read, and then postin' again here if you are still troublin'.

I also suggest leavin' the g off the end of words for a short period of time to add a little bit of extra joy to the lives of people around you.


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Originally posted by skywalka@Jan 3 2004, 08:37 PM
I know MESS is based on MAME.

Can I play MAME game ROMs in MESS?

No you cannot play MAME games in MESS. They are based on the same code but do not focus on emulating the same systems.