Avatar and signature creations


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Butters said:
Ugh... that Chewbaca avatar is putting a sexy look on me :confused:
/me blushes and run away from sight! :p


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Time to update them to my collection! :cool:

Legacy of Kain : Defiance

FullMetal Panic! - The Second Raid

Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne

FullMetal Panic!


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This avatar was quite hard to make. It took me like 1 hour figuring out how to make the hair more like the cartoon.

Anyway, this is... well, you know it's Butters, but he's lost as you can see.


Capo di Tutti Capi
Great one, Butters! You'r definately gifted for these kinds of things ;)
I'm working on a new sig and avatar. I will show it to you hopefully this weekend.
BTW, anyone knows how to put a line in a specific color around your sig (like the black line around Butters' one).
TIA, alcoatjez


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I did not this time. I just got rid of the background with some eraser and magic wands.


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Nice but you should cut a layer of morrigan to make it looked better. Shiki looked visible on Morrigan's.


pic of my mugen im putting together

The sig is too big.The project you're working on is great.


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pearl jamed said:
pic of my mugen im putting together

I don't like mugen games but I'am a fan of 2d fighting games.There is Kenshin Himura pic on your sig I didn't know Kenshin's game.What is its name?