What is your favorite under rated MAME game?


The Retro Kid
the beatm-ups of course like:
the simpsons
tmnt2:turtles in time
spider-man:the arcade game
both golden axes
and most capcom fighters like sf and darkstalkers


Some Computer Punk
my favorite actual arcade game was probably simpsons. its not exactly underrated, cuz every has wasted a quarter or two on it at least once in their life, but not many people enjoyed it.

the funniest homebrew game for mame would have to be sex trivia. it made me laugh:D


Gray Mage
Baseball Stars 2
Blazing Star
Fighter's History
Crossed Swords
Saturday Night Slammasters (Grew up with the SNES version)
Ring of Destruction (Slammasters 2)
The Super Spy
World Heroes Series
Far East of Eden/Kabuki Klash
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Agree partly with Spellsong... Baseball Stars 2 (Neo-Geo/Arcade)

Others I enjoy include:

> Sunset Riders
> Football Champ
> Street Hoop/Street Slam
> Michael Jackson - Moonwalker
> SEGA Touring Car Champsionship

Could go on forever, plenty of 'hidden' gems when you go down the MAME catalogue!

...talking of 'gems'...

> Super Gem Fighter (the missus loves it!)


Zoo Keeper
Its probably very lame and predictible of me, but the only mame games i play are cps 2 and neogeo... My favourites are any Metal Slug game, Xmen vs Street Fighter and Capcon vs Marvel.


Such Coin. Many Doge.
I dont know much about MAME so sorry if these dont count.
Primal Rage:D
Revolution X:D


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I can only think of one that probably hasn't been mentioned. Old goldy from Nintendo that was a Japan-only release: Sheriff. Had the graphics of an atari 2600,


Elevator Action...all the way BABY! classic platformer!!! and everytime u play its different...making a hugely lasting game!:D