What is your favorite under rated MAME game?


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This thread is intended to get you out playing all those older under rated games.

I always liked roc 'n rope and jail break. :)


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I Liked....

I Liked Frogger, Pacman and Space Invaders. But they weren't really underrated, more like very popular...


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Joust was excelent! I even killed the fast dyno bird that flies around when you take too long to finish the level. Never really liked joust 2 though.

My ultimate favorite classic would have to be dig dug. I loved the cabinet art!


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my favs where Black Tiger & twin cobra i rode a good distance to the shop when i was younger just to play black tiger it was awesome

and alterd beast owned althou not an under rated game


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Ahh man, I must of spend hundreds of pounds in the !! Favorite from my younger days which are all available on MAME.
Kung Fu master
Double Dragon
Green beret
Space Harrier
King of Boxer
Gauntlet 1&2 "Red warrior needs food"
and the original sit in Star Wars vector !!


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Dragon Spirit(Old Verison)


The Old Man
Black Tiger
Roc n Rope
Cobra Command
Ikari Warriors
Victory Road
Bomb Jack
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Bomb Jack
Arabin Magic
Battle Chopper
Battle Circuit
Blazing Star
Eco Fighters
Gang Wars
Ginga NinkyouDen

If you can download these games do it there good


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under-rated??? I really dont know I got mame for one reason Pac-man (and all of the related titles super pac man, pac jr mrs pac-man ect...) how ever I have so much trouble config'ing "mame32" I never use it :((


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I like odd titles based on something different. There are way too many knock offs in the world whether it be cars, looks or even movies. Show me that you put some thought into it and you've got my attention. On that note, Snacks and Jaxson is one I still play when I find myself twiddling thumbs. Based on the game of Jacks, it shows real thinking outside the box I believe.


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My fav at the arcades was always Time Crisis 2, playing with a buddy. But I dont think it works in Mame...