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    Need help naming a few of movies....

    First movie is about a small group of teenagers maybe older? than land on an island in a hot air balloon. They can communicate with I think one of the groups brothers through a radio. I think there was a giant spider in it aswell. Other than that thats all I remember. The second movie is based...
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    Building a new computer - Need help and advise

    As the title says im building a new computer and need help and any advise that past computer builders can offer. Below is a list of hardware I have spent the past 4 hours compiling. My budget is £1000 and im building the computer to play the latest(ish) games (not neccessarly at the highest...
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    Movie/Tv star chain

    Yet another forum game... Ill start of by naming a movie or TV program, the next person will post the name of a movie or TV program that has an actor which is in the movie/tv program posted before them. Example- Post1 - Star Wars: A New Hope Post2 - Indiana Jones: And the last crusade Post3 -...
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    Everyone post your favorite jokes in here. Remember to keep them clean(ish) or atleast star out the f***ing filthly words. Also makes sure they are within the forum rules and dont offend anyone. :) ------ An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the last of which had...
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    Ubuntu 7.10 released

    You can read about all the changes here. And download it from here.
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    Google Earth - DirectX or OpenGL ??

    I've installed Google Earth and in the start menu there is an option to either start it in DirectX mode or OpenGL mode. Which mode will give me the best performance?? My Specs - Windows XP Pro SP2 AMD Turion 64 2.0GHz Radeon Xpress 1100 1GB of DDR2 RAM
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    PSP Unbricking/Downgrading Guide for all current hardware revisions.

    PSP Unbricking/Downgrading Guide for all current hardware revisions. This guide will help you unbrick your PSP or downgrade your PSP from any version back down to 1.50 Requirements- A computer running Windows (XP is probably best) There is a guide that explains how to do this on linux here A...
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    NTSC games on PAL PS2 with Independence Exploit

    Originally I had been boot my "backup" PS2 games with Swap Magic 3.00. I then found I had problems with a black and white screen with NTSC games on my PAL machine until hagbard told me about using a different cable will allow NTSC games to play flawlessly on my PAL machine I have now figured...
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    Advice on upgrading my computer.

    Ive decide to upgrade my machine so i run Windows Vista (Dual booted with Win XP) but im not sure if the components ive picked out are compatible with my machine. My reason for upgrading for Vista is that my college has this license where i can purchase any Microsoft software from them cheaper...
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    Knoppix and Sagem [email protected] 800 modem help

    Ive got the latest versino of Knoppix on cd, i think its version 5.0.1, and im trying to get on the internet with it using my modem (Sagem [email protected] 800). I loaded up knoppix ok but from there i dont know how to detect my modem, configure and access the internet:mad:, ive google'd and i keep finding...
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    C:/Drivers/ Malicious Script?

    When ever i log on to my computer norton keeps popping up to say its stop a "Malicious Script" (C:/Drivers/ How do i stop it from popping up. Im on XP SP2
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    PSP Motherboard compatibility

    I was thinking of buy a new motherboard for psp so i can run homebrew. Are all psp motherboards the same or will i need to buy a specific model?
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    Can i boot Swap Magic 3.6 (Burnt copy) with Swap Magic DVD 2.0

    Ive got an old copy of Swap Magic and when i run NTSC backups on my PAL ps2 i appears black and white. The newest version of Swap Magic is 3.6 and has the option to change from PAL to NTSC and vice-versa. If i was to download the latest version and burn it to a disc and boot it with my old...
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    How do i load a Flash Card save on to VBA?

    Ive want to load a save file from my flash card (EZFA 256mb realtime) on to vba, but i keep get an error message. I tried import it as a battery file, smapshot and code-file with no luck. And is it possible to load a save file from vba on to a flash card and play it.
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    PSP and NDS Trojans

    Im surprised no one has metioned the viruses that can brick a PSP and the NDS. Theres only one virus at the moment for the PSP and two variants for the NDS The psp virus deletes your firmware and the nds virus delete the firmware on your nds and flash card. PSP-...